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Volunteer Perspectives


Rewarding Experiences...   

Volunteer counselors speak out on their rewarding experiences helping people in crisis at Crisis Connection .

"Nothing makes a person feel better about themselves than doing something for someone else. I have a personal feeling of accomplishment after every shift at Crisis Connection , just knowing that I may have provided some relief and guidance for another person that night.  
  "The most meaningful experience I had was helping an abused woman get into a shelter that day. She was out of state hiding from her husband who had already harassed and threatened her family and was now after her. Within hours, and after many phone calls, the client and I were able to get her into a shelter. At the end, she cried and said "Thank you for helping me," and I about cried myself.

The support and training I received at Crisis Connection helped out a great deal with my interactions with phone clients. Also, the training I received has been a good review for when I am in school learning about counseling techniques."
"I feel it has given me a wider window on the world and a lot more empathy towards individuals unique perceptions of events in their lives. I feel that occasionally I have really made a difference being on that end of the phone at a given moment in time, supporting clients in their feelings and just listening." "Crisis Connection filled a void in my life after my wife died, and I found that I liked helping people. It's also a good place to share ideas and opinions with my co-workers."
"Volunteering at Crisis Connection has made a difference in my life as it has allowed me to look into my own life in new ways. The most important part for me is just to be there for someone who is in need - even if only to lend an ear - which is sometimes what is needed most. In addition, I have met many incredible people whom I am happy (and proud) to call my friends."

Are you interested in volunteering?
For more information on how you can make a difference, please contact Jennifer Baker 612-852-2201, jbaker@hsicrisis.org.



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